Heave is on a mission to build the best equipment service company in the world

Cutting costs and downtime with fast, reliable equipment service. Join us as we build a more productive future for the construction industry.
Providing service to the best in the business
Using technology to provide a step change in customer experience
We're dedicated to becoming a global leader in efficient and reliable equipment service. We believe in a future where downtime is defeated and productivity thrives.
At Heave, we're more than just an on-demand technician marketplace. We're a platform dedicated to transforming the construction industry. With our innovative technology, we're leading the way in efficient, reliable equipment service. Our vision is clear - a future where downtime is a thing of the past and productivity is always at its peak.
Alex Kraft
Co-Founder & CEO
“Equipment downtime can make or break a contractor - our team at Heave thought it was time for a new approach. 24 hours field service doesn't have to be the exception, with Heave it's the standard!”
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Alex Kraft
Co-Founder & CEO
Dillon Auxier
Co-Founder & CPO
Ira Mellor
Lead Engineer
Zack Gildenzoph
Head of Sales

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Frequently asked questions

What is Heave?

Heave is heavy equipment field service, through an app. Customers book qualified technicians in minutes as an alternative to calling their OEM dealer service department.

How does it work?

Customers input a service request in the app. All technicians within the service area are alerted. They can opt-in to the job and let the customer know when they’re available. The customer chooses who they want to book.

Who are the Heave technicians? How do I know they’re any good?

Many of the technicians on the Heave app are former OEM dealer trained technicians that chose to go independent. They have the necessary tooling and diagnostic software, just as dealer techs. We also have a rating and review system that gives customers transparency into each technicians skill level.

What brands and products can Heave techs fix?

We have qualified technicians for every brand, and have helped customers fix everything from a crane to a Genie aerial lift. We’ve even helped customers with Kenworth and Peterbilt on-highway trucks. 

How are parts handled on Heave jobs?

We leave that up to the customer - once the tech advises the customer what parts are needed for the job, the customer can order the parts on their own account (the heave tech will pick them up), or the heave tech can order the parts as well. If the Heave tech orders the parts, we charge a 5% convenience fee.

How does payment work?

After a repair is completed, Heave invoices the customer. Our terms are Net 30 days.

How do I set up an account? 

All it takes is to download the Heave app, provide a W-9, and let us know what you info is required on your invoices (PO? Job code? Equipment ID?)

How does Heave make money?

We add a small mark-up on top of the technicians’ hourly rate. The rate shown in the app includes Heave’s fee.