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A letter from Alex Kraft, Chief Executive Officer

March 2024

In late 2022, after years of customers encouraging us to solve their biggest pain - poor equipment service - we launched the Heave field service app. From the onset, our goal was to create a new category:  On-Demand Service.

On-demand service flips the paradigm and puts customers back in control of their equipment fleet by allowing them to: choose the technician they want, schedule the repair, provide pricing transparency, and fix multiple brands on the same service call. The heavy equipment industry is not known for innovative ideas or open mindedness.

Over the past few years, I’ve had many people ask why I’d try to buck the trend instead of working within the safe confines of an established dealer. My thought was simple: customers have been starved for an alternative to the rising costs and deteriorating quality of their dealership service experience. There aren’t many opportunities where you can create a business that offers customers a cheaper AND faster solution to their biggest problem.

With Heave, we have the opportunity to create an industry defining company where customers can’t imagine going back to the way it used to be. We’re past those early days of ‘can this work’?. Our focus is on continuous improvement of the app for both our customers and the technicians who rely on Heave for planning out their week.

Having spent many years within the prison of a dealership, where no new ideas flow, I’ve never had more excitement coming to work. There’s a growing checklist of features that our team is working on implementing which will help defeat downtime and save customer’s money.

Our competitive advantage starts with the willingness to experiment and design solutions around what’s best for the customer. Everyone we add to our team must possess that same passion and understanding of the customer’s pain around poor service.

Ultimately, our goal is to be the nationwide heavy equipment service provider for ALL brands. We’ll continue to expand our footprint efficiently and intelligently, deploying the playbook we’ve built in Texas and Florida.

Many of our customers work in multiple markets, which helps determine expansion, but we’re always keeping eyes and ears open to areas where customers need our help the most. Stay tuned, as help is on the way!

Alex Kraft